Presentation and Declaration Statement

The Presentation and Declaration Statement is a mandatory component of the authorisation file that must be submitted by the activity holder in order to obtain or re-new its Environmental Authorisation.

When requesting the issuance of an Environmental Authorisation to the competent EPA (for the first time or 45 days before an existing Environmental Authorisation expires), a company must also submit the following to the EPA:  an official letter requesting the issuance of the Environmental Authorisation, the Presentation and Declaration Statement and the proof that the request has been made public through at least one method (publishing an announcement in the local or national mass-media, posting it on the Internet, making it public on the radio or TV).

The content of the Presentation and Declaration Statement is specified in Appendix no. 2 of Ministry Order no. 1798/2007. Thus, the Statement must contain 12 points: general data about the company, specific data about the company’s activity (operations, balance of materials, utilities), pollution sources and protection of the environmental factors, waste management, management of dangerous substances and mixtures, packaging management, compliance with the urban planning regulations, protection of the residential areas, observance of the requirements of international conventions signed by Romania, other environmental protection data and information, environmental remediation and monitoring.

According to the applicable Romanian legislation, the content of the Presentation and Declaration Statement will be adapted to the specifics of the company’s activity, the requirements of the European and national environmental laws and the content of Appendix no. 2 of Ministry Order no. 1798/2007.

According to the provisions of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 195/2005 on environmental protection, approved with its modifications and completions by Law no. 265/2006, with its ulterior modifications and completions and to the provisions of the Ministry Order no. 1026/2009 on the conditions related to the development of environmental reports, environmental impact assessments, environmental site assessments, site reports, SEVESO safety reports and biodiversity studies, AUDITECO GES is registered in the National Environmental Auditors’ Registry under no. 274, being certified to develop every type of environmental study required by the Romanian legislation.